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Bayhills Church Barbell Club

Join Bay Hills' men's ministry for a unique blend of fitness, fellowship, and faith, uplifting each other towards Christ one Saturday a month.


Men both within Bay Hills and non-Christian friends.


This is a ministry for men of all ages to get fit, bond with one another, and grow closer to Christ. Men like to do things together. We will focus on weightlifting and fitness as a way to create a safe space for intimate dialogue and time of prayer and devotion. We want people to feel comfortable enough in the space and with each other that they can break away from a workout set and pray for one another. Tears are just as acceptable as sweat.


Omni Movement,
678 Alfred Nobel Dr,
Hercules, CA 94547


We’ve lost that barbershop type of environment where men can be open about their struggles and receive wisdom from the older generations. Men are lost and try to find identity and solutions through worldly sources, and we see that the fatherless families are growing. We need to create a space where men can share openly and build one another up. We are here to “up-lift” one another and towards Christ.


Every 3rd Saturday of the month at 2:30pm - 3:30pm. Day care will be provided. Men are welcome to stay afterwards to socialize, connect, and pray for one another.