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We are excited to introduce Strong Kids Academy. Formerly known as Lil Ninja Warriors, Coaches Derrick Easterling and Karl Dehesa have restructured to improve the experience and learning for our youngest athletes.


Strong Kids Academy will run in 6 week programs. The first program will begin February 10 - March 16 every Saturday at 11:30 - 12:15pm.

Following dates will be April 27 - March 9, August 10 - September 14.


Omnimovement Gym
678 Alfred Nobel Drive,
Hercules, CA

It is proven that when children engage in physical activity and sports they become not only physically stronger, but their development socially, emotionally and intellectually improve as well.

We are excited to share this new program with you all and look forward to being a part of your lil athlete’s journey.

We recommend all athletes enrolled to wear a jiu jitsu gi or karate kimono at every class.
Gis can be purchased here

Cost of the 6 week program is a one time payment $240.

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